What we do

The scope of the work undertaken by Plan Active is relevant in the broader context of tourism development, economical upliftment & housing projects, commercial development projects, residential developments as well as agricultural & industrial planning.

We can assist you with following...

  • Rezoning
  • Subdivision
  • Departures
  • Special Consent Uses
  • Township Layout and Design
  • Site Development Plans
  • Land Use Management
  • Project Management
  • Custom Cadastral Maps
  • Custom as Built Plans
  • Removal of Restrictive Conditions
  • Amendment of Conditions of Approval

We have successfully completed more than 1100 projects and is proficient in all aspects of Town and Regional Planning. Please refer to our portfolio showcasing some of our great achievements.

Residential development planning


Plan Active has been successfully involved with obtaining approvals for subdivisions of single and multi-residential erven as well as obtaining approval for rezonings, consent uses and departures from the Zoning Scheme Regulations. In most cases applications that involve single residential erven also require the removal of restrictive Title Deed conditions that limit the built form and land use. Plan Active also specialises in road and public place closures where the alienation of Municipal land is involved.

Being located within a tourism driven area the majority of applications in this sector are consent uses and rezonings to establish guesthouses and larger tourist accommodation establishments such as boutique hotels. Other examples of successful land use changes of single residential erven are changes to medical consulting rooms, day care facilities, local business uses that includes a combination of flats and offices.

Commercial development planning


Due to the great influx of new residents to the Western Cape, the expansion of existing commercial areas are required as well as the establishment of new business nodes. Plan Active has been involved with obtaining land use rights for many commercial properties by means of rezoning, subdivision and the removal of restrictive Title Deed conditions. The projects that we have been involved with are offices, a combination of offices and retail opportunities, the management of baskets of rights obtained for developments and shopping centres. We have also created special zonings with specialised land use rights that are not covered in general zoning schemes.



Our Head Office is located in Hermanus, situated within the Overberg Region. The Overberg Region is a very popular holiday destination for both local and international guests. Plan Active has been involved with the establishment and expansion of tourist accommodation developments such as large scale guesthouses, boutique hotels, hotels and guest farms. Other successfully tourist related projects that have been completed were for restaurants, wedding venues and conference facilities.

Agricultural and industrial planning

Agricultural & Agri Tourism & Agri Industry

The Western Cape is known for well-established vineyards, orchards and natural fynbos vegetation. Our wineries, nature reserves and areas of natural beauty attract a vast number of local and international tourists. We have been involved with obtaining land use rights by means of both rezoning and consent uses on many farms in the Western Cape. Land use rights obtained for various farms are tourist accommodation and tourist facilities consisting of campsites, glamping, self-catering units, guesthouses, wedding venues, restaurants, conference facilities and an airfield.

In addition to tourist facilities and tourist accommodation, we have also obtained land use rights for wineries, distilleries, an abattoir, a wild animal sanctuary, spring water bottling plant and nature reserves.

We are proficient with farm subdivisions, consolidations and the realignment of farm boundaries.

Housing project planning

Housing Projects

Plan Active has successfully obtained land use rights for grouphousing and town housing developments, student accommodation, flats and mixed land uses.